Mother's Day Quotes


A mother’s love is unique. As a photographer I'm in love with shooting this incomparable connection between women and their sweethearts.There is always something magical in every touch, kiss and view. Especially when the kids are still small and need so much their mommy's attention.


During the lifestyle shootings I'm always trying to catch these exceptional kind of relationship.Every touch, step, hug, play and all the stuff mothers and their children do every single day.


Growing up we begin to understand better to our mothers and appreciate them more.And even more when we have our own children.


Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day and I would like to share my favorite quotes about maternity with you.


Hope you didn't forget to wish your mother “Happy Mother’s Day”. But if you did, do this right now, telling how much do they mean for you and how much do you love them!

Here I have a little bit of inspiration for you. The quotes that can be written in a thoughtful card or text message sent with love. Sweet messages dedicated to the most caring and inspiring women in your life.