M E D I T E R R A N E A N   G O D D E S S

Inspired by the Southern Spain coast on the Mediterranean Sea, this windswept bridal editorial was created as a tribute to the natural ethnic brides and beautiful environment of this part of the world.

Organic design in order to highlight the raw and natural beauty of the area -  Cabopino beach. It offers so many picturesque backdrops, with stunning sunsets.


The bride Ieva looks free-spirited but delicated  in an insanely beautiful wedding gown with cascading pearl buttons created by Valeria Osma Couture. It was made to move with the wind like a dance to a long last song of the sea. The sunset light penetrating through the embroidered sleeves, incredibly beautiful tiara created by Porcelanirose inspired by the muted palette of the sunset and paired with tender flowers by Studio de Fleurs and Pomegranate Colours ribbons and this free-spirited concept was accomplished. The goddess make up created by Liza Mayne was just a soft touch to natural beauty of Ieva.

I captured all of the romantic details planned by Tucco Weddings and the beachy femme soft color palette with stunning florals decorations of Studio de Fleurs.